Surface Circulating Equipment

One of the most important operations performed at the well site involves circulating fluids through casing to condition or clean the well before other operations are performed.  For instance, cementing operations involve completely replacing the drilling fluid with the cement slurry.  This process is conventionally initiated by conditioning the drilling fluid through a circulation process that breaks up the gel structure and formation-face filter cake that drilling fluid can form, particularly when left static in the annulus.   Halliburton has long provided the industry with the two main methods of attaching circulating equipment to casing:  plug containers and circulating swedges. Now, improved design and practices can provide even more reliability and safety during this operation.  

Halliburton surface circulating equipment is available for rental on cement jobs through local Halliburton field camps.

  • Halliburton Circulating Swedges – Used to circulate fluids down tubing, drillpipe, or casing.
  • Halliburton Circulating Water Bushings – Used to circulate fluids down casing.
  • Halliburton Compact™ Plug Container – Designed for use with Halliburton standard cementing plugs with features that help improve safety, function, and performance.
  • Halliburton Quick-Latch™ Coupler – Provides efficient attachment of the cementing plug container to the casing string.
  • High-Pressure Cementing Head (HPHC) – Designed for use when higher than conventional working pressures for surface launch cementing applications are required.
  • Lo Torc® Plug Valves – Lightweight, high-working-pressure valves delivering dependable performance.
  • Top Drive Cementing Heads – For offshore work.
Commander™ 1000 Top-Drive Cementing Head
Commander™ 1000 top-drive cementing head is designed for offshore operations to surface launch balls or darts in order to operate subsea plug sets and associated tools.
Commander™ 500 Top-Drive Cementing Head
Commander™ 500 top-drive cementing head is designed for routine land and offshore cementing operations to launch balls or darts in order to operate downhole equipment and/or facilitate cementing operations.
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Related Information

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