External Sleeve Inflatable Packer Collar (ESIPC™) Cementer

Allows packer differential pressures up to 4,000 psi

The external sleeve inflatable packer collar (ESIPC™) is a combination of the ES (Type P or Type H) cementer and a casing inflation packer. This tool provides controlled packer element inflation through the stage-tool opening seat, eliminating hydraulic valving bodies normally used with inflatable packer elements. The rubber inflatable packer element is constructed with reinforcing metal slats to reduce packer element damage during inflation. This inflatable packer element allows packer differential pressures up to 4,000 psi.

The ESIPC is commonly used in horizontal well applications for cementing casing in the bend radius or vertical portion of the wellbore above an openhole completion or a slotted liner. The packer element is inflated to prevent cement from flowing downhole when it is pumped into the annulus above the tool.

The ESIPC is available by special order for any casing grade or premium thread. For pricing information, customers must provide information about casing OD, thread type, weight, grade, and minimum hole size.

ESIPC's are operated with standard stage tool plug sets.

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