Five Wiper Cementing Plugs

Cements vertical and horizontal wells up to 350°F and where PDC bits are used

Five Wiper cementing plugs feature five wiper rubber coated aluminum or plastic inserts available in 4 ½” to 20” casing sizes, as well as red rubber bottom plug and black colored top plug. The bottom plug rupture diaphragm has a 300 psi differential. Plus, the plugs are available for water and synthetic mud fluid systems.

Benefits include:

  • Bottom plug wipes mud sheath and other debris from the casing ID ahead of the cement
  • Top and bottom plug reduce cement contamination with wellbore and displacement fluids.
  • 300 psi differential pressure required to rupture diaphragm and provide surface indication that bottom plug has reached the float collar
  • Preventing cement over displacement and “wet shoe track”
  • PDC drillable
  • Operating range up to 350°F
  • Moderate plug landing plug pressure range
  • Compatible with virtually all common fluid systems

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