Cement Wiper Technology

The CST™ cement support tool, tubing release tool (TRT), bottomhole kickoff assembly (BHKA) disconnect tool, and bottomhole kickoff assembly (BHKA) tool system were designed to aid in setting balanced and competent cement plugs during remedial and primary cementing operations. These tools, when used with cementing best practice applications, can help to improve the attempts to get a proper cement plug set the first time without the need for additional plugs. The following Matrix can help you select which tool can offer the most benefit for your cement plugging operations.


High Wiping Efficiency (HWE®) Plugs
Top and bottom cementing plugs designed for high wiping efficiency to remove mudcake, mud film, rust and mill scale during cementing operations.
Non-Rotating (NR™) Cementing Plugs
Innovative design enhances drill-out efficiency. Requires only a tenth of the time (using PDC bits) to drill out the shoe joint.
SSR-II™ Subsurface Release II Cementing Plug System
Used to remotely release cementing plugs at a selected subsurface depth.
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Related Information

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