Commander™ 500 Top-Drive Cementing Head

Commander™ 500 top-drive cementing head is designed for routine land and offshore cementing operations to launch balls or darts in order to operate downhole equipment and/or facilitate cementing operations.  The Commander 500 head can be configured for wireless remote control (WRC) capability using encoded radio-frequency. The remote system can also operate upper and lower safety valves.

The Commander 500 head has integral features in support of cementing and liner operations.  The combined functional working parameters/ratings for the Commander 500 top-drive cementing head are 10,000 psi, 500 Imperial tons (1,000,000 lbm), and 45,000 ft-lbf makeup torque.

  • DNV type and product certified
  • DNV certified Baskets
  • Launch balls and drill pipe darts
  • Dynamic plug launch / drop plugs while flowing
  • Number of chambers can be increased
  • Integrated swivel design
  • Remote operated 4.0-in ID Kelly valves
  • Wireless remote system removes man riding
  • Removes the need for personnel being raised into the derrick to operate valves
  • Ability to load plugs in the field without breaking the tool apart to install the plugs

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