Trophy Seal® Float Shoes and Collars

An economical option for selecting cementing floating equipment

Trophy Seal float shoes and collars are designed to help prevent the backflow of displaced fluids from entering the casing ID once pumping operations have been stopped. All Trophy Seal floating equipment contains a Trophy Seal poppet valve, a 2 ¾” thermoplastic poppet valve assembly. This valve provides casing buoyancy and checks the backflow of displaced fluids to help prevent the fluids from re-entering the casing ID once pumping operations have been stopped. The valve body and poppet valve are made of moderate-strength thermoplastic materials that are inert to most oilfield chemicals.

The only metal component of Trophy Seal equipment is a phosphorous bronze poppet valve spring, which closes the valve to prevent backflow. All materials that make up the Trophy Seal valve are drillable with PDC bits.

Trophy Seal poppet valves are encased with high-strength concrete inside steel cases. In most cases, the grade of steel is suitable for use in casing grades H-40, J-55, K-55, L-80, and N-80. Additionally, Trophy Seal floating equipment is suitable for use in sour gas applications at all temperatures, as specified in NACE Standard MR-01-75.

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