Casing Equipment

Halliburton offers engineered casing solutions to help operators run and land casing to depth and achieve long-term zonal isolation. Halliburton is the only oilfield services provider to offer both cementing services and casing equipment globally. This integrated approach allows operators to gain efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Halliburton casing equipment is designed and manufactured to meet specific requirements necessary for a successful job, including relieving rig strain, enabling complete cement placement, and holding the slurry in place after pumping. By designing, building or contracting for casing equipment under stringent requirements, Halliburton can provide casing equipment to help lower costs and improve cementing success under all conditions, from shallow surface or conductor strings with Trophy Seal® floating equipment to the deepest and hottest production casings and liners with Super Seal II® floating equipment.

Halliburton developed the line of HWE® (High Wiping Efficiency) cementing plugs using breakthrough materials and mechanical design. Other innovations include the industry-award-winning SuperFill™ surge reduction system, the all-composite PDC-drillable SSR-II™ subsurface release plug system, the HPUJ (High Port Up-Jet) Float Shoes, and the TRT (Tubing Release Tool).

Additionally, Halliburton is the only supplier to offer Protech CRB® and Protech DRB® centralizers. These centralizers are carbon-fiber ceramic-composite blades bonded directly to operators' casing with adhesion so strong these blades are truly integral to the pipe. Advantageously, the application process is mobile and can be conducted at the operators' pipe yard or at a designated Halliburton facility. Blades are designed with low-angle upsets to help lift pipe away from obstructions, reducing friction by 40 percent over conventional centralizers. The blades are staggered and offset to allow an optimized flow path through the bypass area.

Halliburton continues to address increasingly complex wellbore architecture challenges and offers multi-stage cementing tools like the ES-II™ Cementer, External Sleeve Inflatable Packer Collar (ESIPC™) Cementer, or FO™ Multiple-Stage Cementing System for use in extended reach wells, well designs that entail completions plans involving high-pressure fracturing operations, or that must withstand torque loadings and cumulative stress on stage tools when casing rotation is necessary in order to get pipe to depth.

Halliburton provides quality equipment and economical methods of solving complex oilfield problems. Halliburton engineers coordinate design requirements - from customer specifications through the manufacturing process - to deliver fit-for-purpose products that meet all levels of product certification for use on critical land and offshore well installations.

Casing Equipment

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Summary North America:Subsea Surface Casing - Shallow Water Shutoff Jun 2015
Summary How a more efficient Halliburton cleanout approach helped operators save days of deepwater rig time May 2013
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FlowMentum Debris Management System
The FlowMentum™ debris management system is designed to be run in the lower most casing joint to trap wellbore cuttings and debris, preventing them from being swept into the casing string and causing damage.
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