DFG™ Software with DrillAhead® Hydraulics Module

Baroid’s  DFG™ drilling fluids graphics software provides users with accurate wellbore pressure and ECD management using its field proven hydraulics and cuttings transport simulations. This tool can allow the user to simulate proposed drilling conditions, allowing optimization of not only the fluid properties but also the drilling parameters. Accurate modeling allows the user to look ahead of the bit, avoid future problems and reduce NPT.

Output from drilling simulations focuses on annular cuttings concentrations, including average cuttings concentration as well as localized cuttings distribution in the annulus, and equivalent circulating density (ECD). Documented variance between DFG software-predicted and actual ECD, as measured by PWD tools, is consistently less than 1%. The DFG software accurately models compressibility and thermal expansion effects on fluid density using its proprietary modeling methods and equations of state. These effects include the reduction in temperature while the mud returns to surface through a long deepwater riser that causes an increase in density, viscosity and rheological properties. DFG software modeling is critical to operations where very narrow margins between pore pressure (PP) and fracture gradient (FG) exist.

DFG™ Software with DrillAhead® Hydraulics Module

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Summary Chile: WellSET® Treatment Services Isolated Perforations & Helped Eliminate Fluid Losses Dec 2014
Summary Russia: Baroid Drilling Fluids Graphics (DFG™) Software and LCM Strategy Help Provide Successful Drilling Operations and Cement Job Dec 2014
Summary Canada: Drilling Fluids Graphics (DFG™) software allows Operator to save rig time and successfully drill challenging HPHT well in Western Canada Nov 2013
Summary US Oklahoma: Efficient ECD Control to Aid in Extended Laterals in Frank Field Nov 2013
Summary Saudi Arabia: Reservoir Drill-In Fluid Minimizes Fluid Invasion and Mitigates Differential Stuck Pipe Oct 2013
Summary Canada: DFGTM Software Contributes to Longest Lateral Section Drilled with Monobore Well Design in Alberta's Deep Basin Jun 2013
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