DFG™ Software with DrillAhead® Hydraulics Module

Industry-leading hydraulics simulation software

Halliburton Baroid’s Drilling Fluids Graphics (DFG™) software offers a complete package of hydraulics management simulations built from proprietary, physics-based models.  Field-proven on all well types and challenges for over two decades, DFG software can be used for well planning, well construction, post-well audit phases, and real-time drilling operations. Baroid personnel are specially trained to conduct simulations of multiple different wellbore characteristics and deliver exceptional results.

DrillAhead® Hydraulics

Simulate multiple variables including flow rates, ROP, RPM, and downhole rheology to help predict cuttings load characteristics ahead of the bit

Hydraulics and ECD Simulations

Model downhole temperature profiles, equivalent mud densities, and pressures as both numerical and graphical data with ECD accuracy typically within 0.1ppg of PWD tools

3D Cuttings Transport Optimization

Define optimized cuttings transport scenarios in a 3D environment. 

WellSET® Simulations

Identify proper lost circulation material treatments/maintenance and provide solutions for wellbore strengthening in the near-wellbore region 

Surge and Swab Computations

Calculate ECDs based on various choices of tripping speeds to keep surge/swab pressures within acceptable ranges.

Animated Sweep Designs

Provide an animated view of hole sweep effectiveness to help identify when and where sweeps should be run to clean out the wellbore.

Wellbore Geomechanics Modeling

Model wellbore stability based on hole angle, azimuth, and in situ stresses and their impact on wellbore pressure management.

Dual-Gradient Analysis

Simulate fluid densities both above and below the seabed in deepwater configurations.


DFG™ Software with DrillAhead® Hydraulics Module

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Summary Baroid Helps Operator in Norway Save US$679,000 on Offshore Well Mar 2016
Summary DFG™ software helps Husky Oil avoid lost circulation events and save US$24,500 Aug 2015
Summary First deepwater Mediterranean horizontal payzone drilled successfully Jul 2015
Summary DFG™ software helps formulate proper weighted pill density to improve wellbore stability Apr 2015
Summary Chile: WellSET® Treatment Services Isolated Perforations & Helped Eliminate Fluid Losses Dec 2014
Summary Russia: Baroid Drilling Fluids Graphics (DFG™) Software and LCM Strategy Help Provide Successful Drilling Operations and Cement Job Dec 2014
Summary Canada: Drilling Fluids Graphics (DFG™) software allows Operator to save rig time and successfully drill challenging HPHT well in Western Canada Nov 2013
Summary US Oklahoma: Efficient ECD Control to Aid in Extended Laterals in Frank Field Nov 2013
Summary Saudi Arabia: Reservoir Drill-In Fluid Minimizes Fluid Invasion and Mitigates Differential Stuck Pipe Oct 2013
Summary Canada: DFGTM Software Contributes to Longest Lateral Section Drilled with Monobore Well Design in Alberta's Deep Basin Jun 2013
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