Packer Fluids

Extend the life of your well
Baroid’s packer fluids provide hydrostatic pressure support to balance formation pressure. Their use can reduce or eliminate differential pressure across the packer, extending packer life and reliability. This pressure also functions to provide support for production tubing and casing which prevents collapse of tubulars, extending the life of the well. 

Reduce cost and increase well productivity with Baroid’s insulating packer fluids
Properly designed packer fluids will limit corrosion of production tubing and production casing. With Baroid’s insulating packer fluids you will experience extended life of these components, which reduces the cost of the well over its lifetime.

One challenge in deepwater production design is uncontrolled heat transfer from production tubing to outer annuli and the loss of heat energy from produced fluids. These conditions can result in damage to outer annuli integrity and can reduce well productivity. Under uncontrolled conditions, damage to the formation can occur. Baroid’s insulating packer fluids provide control over heat flow from production tubing to the outer annuli, reducing annular pressure buildup and maintaining flowing well temperatures.

Packer Fluids

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Summary Completion Fluid Services help save operator millions of dollars in Gulf of Mexico Nov 2015
Summary Norway: BaraLube™ W-511 brine lubricant in packer fluid significantly eases friction to facilitate running of upper completion Nov 2013
Summary Gulf of Mexico: Innovative Use of N-SOLATE® Packer Fluid in Gulf of Mexico Drilling Operation Apr 2012
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N-SOLATE Packer Fluid Systems
High performance insulating packer fluids designed to reduce undesired heat flow by controlling both conduction and convection
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