BRINEDRIL-N® Brine-Based Drill-In Fluid System

Ensure stability and effective wellbore cleaning
Baroid’s BRINEDRIL-N® system is a specially formulated high-density, brine-based fluids system designed for drilling, completion and workover operations. Easy to prepare and maintain, at low shear rate the fluid exhibits uniquely high viscosities and shear-thinning capabilities that can ensure stability and effective wellbore cleaning.  

Minimize formation damage
Customized BARACARB® bridging material in BRINEDRIL-N fluids minimize fluid invasion into the producing formation to avoid disrupting the reservoir rock mineralogy and morphology.

Achieve high performance in a variety of applications
Customized formulations of BRINEDRIL-N fluids are used to enhance reservoir producibility in a variety of field applications and helps increase recovery of reserves in mature land assets. BRINEDRIL-N fluids are the optimal solution to maximize both drilling efficiency and reservoir protection.

BRINEDRIL-N® Brine-Based Drill-In Fluid System

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Summary BRINEDRIL-N® and BARADRIL-N® Systems Successfully Drilled Longest Offshore Well on Location Apr 2017
Summary Saudi Arabia: BRINEDRIL-N® High-Density Brine-Based Drill-In Fluid Helps Eliminate Stuck in Pipe Issues Nov 2016
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