BARADRIL-N® Reservoir Drilling Fluid System

Custom solution for maximum performance
Baroid’s BARADRIL-N® system is a clay-free, acid soluble reservoir drilling fluid designed to help achieve maximum potential production. BARADRIL-N fluid provides effective fluid loss control and reliable wellbore and formation stability. The BARADRIL-N system can be also used for completion and workover operations. BARADRIL-N systems have been used to drill different sandstone and carbonate reservoirs in thousands of wells worldwide.

BARADRIL-N fluids are formulated with freshwater or brine, thermally stable polymers for suspension and filtration control, and sized calcium carbonate bridging particles. BARADRIL-N system has excellent lubrication characteristics for enhanced penetration and consistently demonstrates good fluid loss control and stable rheology.

Easy to prepare, maintain, and clean-up in the field
BARADRIL-N fluids do not require special mixing equipment and the system is easily prepared and maintained in the field. BARADRIL-N system filtercakes do not hinder or slow reservoir clean-up procedures and can be removed with conventional acid treatment or Baroid’s N-FLOW™ system.

BARADRIL-N® Reservoir Drilling Fluid System

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Summary First deepwater Mediterranean horizontal payzone drilled successfully Sep 2018
Summary GOM: BARADRIL-N CT fluid yields effective deepwater coiled-tubing cleanout in one circulation Sep 2017
Summary BRINEDRIL-N® and BARADRIL-N® Systems Successfully Drilled Longest Offshore Well on Location Apr 2017
Summary Russia: BARADRIL-N® Drill-In Fluid System Helped Increase Production on Multilateral Horizontal Wells Dec 2016
Summary BARADRIL-N® Reservoir Drilling Fluid Delivers Zero NPT on Field's Longest Lateral Sep 2016
Summary GeoBalance® Barrier Spacer Prevents Commingling of Mud Cap Aug 2016
Summary Drill-in fluid and delayed breaker deliver 104% return permeability Jan 2016
Summary BARADRIL-N® system delivers reservoir, replaces formate system Jan 2016
Summary Saudi Arabia: Reservoir Drill-In Fluid Minimizes Fluid Invasion and Mitigates Differential Stuck Pipe Oct 2013
Summary Qatar: N-FLOW™ 325 Filter Cake Breaker Helped Operator Stimulate Fishbone Well Sep 2013
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