BaraKlean® Well Cleaners

Decrease rig time
BaraKlean® cleaners include a range of products to promote wellbore cleanliness to keep costs down and keep production up. With the well cleaners, removal of drilling fluid, oil and solid residues is fast, which can result in reduced cleanup time and filtration costs. BaraKlean cleaners are imperative to helping ensure operations are not extended when transitioning from drilling to completion operations.

Range of well cleaners to fit your needs
BaraKlean cleaners include casing cleaners, viscosifiers and solids-free fluids designed for displacement programs. These well cleaners can be applied to water and oil-based mud displacements as well as related cleaning tasks. The cleaners emulsify residual oil, remove polar solids and leave surfaces water-wet.

BaraKlean cleaners are highly effective in a range of completion brines and have achieved the highest possible North Sea environmental standard (Gold).

BaraKlean® Well Cleaners

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Summary Enhanced Solution for Wellbore Cleanup Operations Maximize Asset Value Jul 2017
Summary GOM: Customized Solids-Free Displacement Spacer Delivers Clean Fluid and Saves Filtration Jan 2017
Summary UK: BaraKlean® Solutions and CFG™ Modeling Remediate Prior Issues, Enabling Successful Completion Dec 2016
Summary UK North Sea: BaraKlean®-648 Casing Cleaner Provides Client with Optimized Displacement, Superior Environmental Performance Oct 2016
Summary Wellbore cleanout spacers cut filtration time saving operator $150,000 Feb 2016
Summary In Less Circulating Time, BaraKlean-648 Casing Cleaner Delivers Brine with less than 2% Solids Feb 2016
Summary Cleanup solutions saves operator US$150,000 Apr 2015
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