Reservoir Fluids Solutions

Reservoir Fluids Solutions

Custom reservoir fluid solutions
Our reservoir fluid solutions help prepare, repair, cleanout and complete the wellbore. Additional care is taken with each solution to ensure it has been engineered and then customized to minimize damage to the producing zone.

Maximize your well production or injection
Producing zones are the reason you drill—and these zones need all the care and attention that a custom reservoir fluid solution can provide. Realizing that a drilling fluid could damage a reservoir’s productivity, Baroid pioneered the study of reservoir drilling. Today our solutions not only preserve the reservoir’s innate permeability, but our solutions can actually enhance productivity to the core’s native potential. 

Increase your completion efficiency
An unclean wellbore leads to completion failures and re-runs—all of which take up valuable rig time and lead to a higher well construction bill. That’s why we believe that the efficient completion of your well starts with effective wellbore clean-up and displacement. After displacement, Baroid leverages a variety of reservoir fluid solutions to ensure the best possible scenario for your completion.

Assurance of results
At Baroid, all of our processes are interlinked and work together to make our approach unique. They ensure consistent and reliable delivery of customized solutions around the world. Rigorous adherence to our process helps to manage risk and improve safety.

Reservoir Fluids Solutions

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Summary N-FLOW™ 325 Delayed-Reaction Breaker System Freed Differentially Stuck Pipe May 2016
Summary Perfect brine displacement despite restricted pipe movement Apr 2016
Summary Wellbore cleanout spacers cut filtration time saving operator $150,000 Feb 2016
Summary BaraKlean-648 and CFS™-687 casing cleaners cut displacement time Feb 2016
Summary Drill-in fluid and delayed breaker deliver 104% return permeability Jan 2016
Summary BaraKlean-648 cleaner strips heavy wax from completion assembly Jan 2016
Summary Perfect displacement achieved despite restricted pump rate Jan 2016
Summary Production quadruples after N-FLOW™ 325 treatment Nov 2015
Summary N-FLOW™ 325 treatment boosts production from 100 bpd to 600 bpd Nov 2015
Summary N-FLOW™ 325 breaker boosts production in 2,867-m lateral Nov 2015
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