Friction can be controlled with Halliburton's liquid lubricants that reduce the coefficient of friction between pipe and wellbore. Our lubricants include polymers that effectively adhere to pipe surfaces and lessen adhesion between pipe and mud solids.

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Summary EZ-GLIDE™ Lubricant Prevents High Torque in Oil Sands, Saving Rig Time Dec 2017
Summary Operator Saves USD 92,000 while Drilling 2,500-m Shale Lateral with BARO-LUBE GOLD SEAL™ Lubricant Feb 2017
Summary North Sea: BaraLube® W-511 Lubricant Overcomes Tight Clearance to Help Perforating Guns Reach Pay Zone in Deep Lateral Dec 2016
Summary BARO-LUBE NS Lubricant Saves 7-10 Days of Rig Time Feb 2016
Summary Operator reaches total depth, using 3% concentration by volume of DRIL-N-SLIDE™ lubricant Jan 2016
Summary DRIL-N-SLIDE™ lubricant eliminates bit balling and accretion in a shale field in Iraq Jan 2016
Summary STICK-LESS 20® lubricant beads smooth the path for whipstock Dec 2015
Summary Egypt: Engineered HYDRO-GUARD® High-Performance Water-Based Fluid and TORQ-TRIM® II Lubricant Saved Operator $1.5M While Drilling 8½" Deviated Hole Mar 2014
Summary BARO-LUBE GOLD SEAL™ Lubricant Reduces Metal-on-Metal Friction Between Coiled-Tubing and Drillstring Sep 2012
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