STEELSEAL® Lost Circulation Material

Lost Circulation Prevention in Water-Based, Synthetic and Oil-Based Drilling Fluids in Porous and Fractured Zones

SteelSeal LCMTechnical Information

  • Resilient, dual composition carbon-based material
  • Increases lubricity of water-based fluids with concentrations as low as 2 lbs/bbl
  • Does not adversely affect rheological properties even in concentrations as high as 100 lbs/bbl
  • 100% 200 mesh
  • Lowers spurt loss and PPT values on both 20m and 35m disc in laboratory study

Case Histories

  • Gulf of Mexico
    Losing up to 40 bbls/hr drilling with a synthetic-based system. Added 15 lbs/bbl STEELSEAL® additive - U/R interval - ran casing and cemented with a total loss of 25 barrels

  • Texas Land
    Losing 60 bbls/hr with 17.1 lb/gal low-lime mud, spotted 15 lbs/bbl - 100% returns after pumping bottoms up - no more losses experienced

  • O/S turnkey Operator
    STEELSEAL additive used on more than 12 wells. Spotting pills in the bottom of the hole up to 100 lbs/bbl - no more losses were experienced

  • High Island 24L - Offshore, Texas
    Using a low pH mud system, STEELSEAL additive was credited for stopping lost circulation experienced on the conditioning run after logging the open hole. Prior to this product, very little success had been achieved with a variety of LCM pills used on the original hole, including cement. Approximately 20 lbs/bbl STEELSEAL additive was used with ±20 lbs/bbl BAROFIBRE® and ±40 ppb BARACARB® additives in the successful pill. STEELSEAL additive was also used to get ±90% returns (up from ±40% returns) on another well, using INVERMUL® emulsifier in St. Mary Parish, Louisiana. Only 10 lbs/bbl STEELSEAL additive plus 10 lbs/bbl fibrous LCM was used due to directional tool company's concerns for plugging the motor. Baroid had recommended 20+ lbs/bbl STEELSEAL additive in conjunction with ±10 lbs/bbl fibrous LCM.

STEELSEAL® Lost Circulation Material

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Summary WellSET® Wellbore Strengthening Treatment Helps Operator Set North American Record for Core Length and Recovery Mar 2018
Summary ENVIROMUL™ HT Drilling Fluid and WellSET® Treatment Prevent Losses in HPHT Reservoir with Depleted Zone Jul 2017
Summary BaraECD® Fluid System and WellSET® Wellbore Strengthening Treatment Solve Deepwater Subsalt Drilling Challenges Jun 2017
Summary HYDRO-GUARD® system and STEELSEAL® LCM help eliminate casing run Feb 2016
Summary INNOVERT® HPOBM and STEELSEAL® LCM overcome saltwater influx, concurrent losses Jan 2016
Summary STEELSEAL®/BARACARB® LCM pill saves $4 million on deepwater well Nov 2015
Summary Combo pills provide Immediate Impact Intervention Solution through rapid seal in severe loss zone Sep 2015
Summary Customized STEELSEAL® and BAROFIBRE® Lost Circulation Solution Helped Stabilize Ultra-Slim Overbalanced Well and Save 48% on Fluid Costs Jun 2015
Summary Argentina: Optimized Bridging Package Helps Reduce Total Operational Time and Obtain a Nominal Borehole Diameter Jan 2015
Summary Colombia: Customized Shale Control Sweeps Prevent Instability in Reservoir, Saves $80K in Rig Time Jan 2015
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