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Increase wellbore integrity and reduce overall costs and risks

Lost circulation is one of the biggest costs in the fluids industry today. As global leaders, Baroid has the experience, expertise and technologies to identify the cause of lost circulation quickly and customize a solution to resolve the situation at minimal expense. Lost circulation strategic planning includes methods of increasing wellbore integrity and quickly remediating wellbore fluid losses.

While the risk of fluid loss is significantly reduced through a well-planned wellbore strengthening operational strategy, Baroid also provides engineered solutions to quickly remediate any costs and risks associated with unforeseen lost circulation incidents. One important component of the remediation plan are “Engineered, Composite Solutions.” The goal of these specialty products are to provide increased technical assurance with treatments that are previously designed in our Research & Development laboratory. The optimized materials also reduce overall inventory and rig space, as well as minimize HSE incidents and waste with less individual sacks and pallets to use on location. These solutions should only be used for remediation of the worst lost circulation incidents (partial, severe, total whole fluid losses).

Halliburton’s award-winning “Engineered, Composite Solutions” are an integral part of our Wellbore Stress ManagementSM service, providing a fully engineered approach to lost circulation remediation.

BaraBlend®-665 Lost Circulation Material
BaraBlend®-665 is an engineered, composite solution that is designed to remediate partial to severe drilling fluid loss rates typically encountered in unconsolidated sand or gravel and small natural or induced fractures.
BaraBlend®-680 Lost Circulation Material
BaraBlend®-680 lost circulation material (LCM) provides a multi-modal particulate additive to help remediate lost circulation by quickly sealing a wide range of fractures in depleted formations.
BaraLock®-666 Lost Circulation Material
BaraLock®-666 is an engineered, supplemental solution to support traditional LCM pills to limit severe or total fluid losses typically occurring in unconsolidated sand or gravel, large and/or multiple natural fractures, large induced fractures, and vugular formations.
DUO-SQUEEZE® H Lost Circulation Material
DUO-SQUEEZE® H is an engineered, composite solution composed of a unique blend which includes a resilient graphitic carbon material.
FlexPlug® Lost Circulation Service
Quick and cost effective engineered, chemical solution for stopping lost circulation in natural or induced fractures, vugs, channels in weak zones, or flowing over-pressured zones.
Fast-acting, synthetic polymer-based engineered, chemical solution that helps seal off even the most severe loss zones in as little as 30 minutes and can allow the operator to return to normal drilling activities.
HYDRO-PLUG® Lost Circulation Material
HYDRO-PLUG® is an engineered, composite solution designed to be applied as a hesitation squeeze to mitigate partial to severe drilling fluid loss rates in any non-reservoir formation.
STOPPIT® Lost Circulation Material
STOPPIT® LCM is an engineered, composite solution consisting of specific materials with a precise particle size distribution, optimized for superior sealing performance in most zones with moderate to severe losses.
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Summary STOPPIT® and BARACARB® LCM Blends Significantly Reduce Fluid Costs and Rig Time Feb 2018
Summary Combo LCM Pill Stems Losses in Deeply Fractured Carbonate Formation Nov 2017
Summary BaraBlend®-665 and BaraLock®-666 LCM Pills Stop Severe Losses in Highly Fractured Formation Oct 2017
Summary Engineered HYDRO-PLUG® Pill Dramatically Cuts Loss Rate in Fractured Limestone Sep 2017
Summary STOPPIT® LCM in High-Vis Pills Helps Prevent Losses in Vugular Formation, Saves $50K in Rig Time Jun 2017
Summary BaraShield®-664 & BaraLock®-666 LCMs Help Cure Total Losses & Improve Cement Job in Known Thief Zone Jun 2017
Summary Customized LCM Squeeze Pill Cures Losses in Depleted Sandstones and Eliminates Additional Trips Jun 2017
Summary Colombia: BaraBlend®-665/BaraLock®-666 LCM Pill Restores Circulation, Supports Successful Cement Plug Dec 2016
Summary Iraq: STOPPIT®-BAROFIBRE® LCM Sweeps Eliminate Severe Losses, NPT in Carbonate Formations Nov 2016
Summary HYDRO-PLUG® LCM Pill Cures Losses in Perforated Zone Aug 2016
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