HYDRO-PLUG® "Engineered, Composite" Lost Circulation Material

HYDRO-PLUGHYDRO-PLUG® lost circulation material (LCM) is an engineered, composite solution that is designed to be applied as a hesitation squeeze to mitigate partial to severe drilling fluid loss rates in any non-reservoir formation. It differs from other hesitation squeeze products because the engineered, composite formulation contains a specialized hydratable polymer and reaction retarder to control swelling. These additives allow for the pill to be easily pumped through any drill string, yet still able to seal large subterranean apertures after exiting the bit.

The engineered formula provides a seal with an increased resistance to pressure fluctuations, helping ensure mild to severe whole fluid losses in any non-reservior formation are quickly and efficiently resolved. Utilizing a pill of HYDRO-PLUG LCM helps save rig time and operational costs, requiring no trips out of the hole and no special pumping or mixing equipment.

HYDRO-PLUG® "Engineered, Composite" Lost Circulation Material

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Summary Engineered HYDRO-PLUG® Pill Dramatically Cuts Loss Rate in Fractured Limestone Sep 2017
Summary HYDRO-PLUG® LCM Pill Cures Losses in Perforated Zone Aug 2016
Summary Combo LCM pills save operator US$50,000 and prevent hole collapse Sep 2015
Summary HYDRO-PLUG® LCM Pill Cures Total Losses in High-Permeability Depleted Zone May 2015
Summary Egypt: Engineered HYDRO-PLUG® Lost Circulation Material Helped Operator Cure Severe Losses in Carbonate Formation Sep 2014
Summary Angola: LCM Pill Seals loss Zone in Deepwater Angola Feb 2014
Summary Customized Lost Circulation Treatments Help Resolve Severe Losses in Highly Fractured Geothermal Wells Sep 2010
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