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Halliburton knows how to keep costs associated with lost circulation from spinning out of control. Our solutions give operators effective ways to respond to complete or partial lost circulation prompted by hydrostatic or annular pressure loss from natural or induced causes.

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Summary Colombia: BaraBlend®-665/BaraLock®-666 LCM Pill Restores Circulation, Supports Successful Cement Plug Dec 2016
Summary Iraq: STOPPIT®-BAROFIBRE® LCM Sweeps Eliminate Severe Losses, NPT in Carbonate Formations Nov 2016
Summary HYDRO-PLUG® LCM Pill Cures Losses in Perforated Zone Aug 2016
Summary Russia: Baroid Drilling Fluids Graphics (DFG™) Software and LCM Strategy Help Provide Successful Drilling Operations and Cement Job Jul 2016
Summary Casing Set Successfully at Planned Depth After Engineered LCM Pills Cure Total Losses May 2016
Summary LCM Treatment Help Reduce Losses by 47% in High-perm Formation May 2016
Summary LCM Blend Stops Severe Losses in One Treatment Apr 2016
Summary WellSET® treatment helps operator avoid losses while drilling severely depleted sands Feb 2016
Summary HYDRO-GUARD® system and STEELSEAL® LCM help eliminate casing run Feb 2016
Summary INNOVERT® HPOBM and STEELSEAL® LCM overcome saltwater influx, concurrent losses Jan 2016
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