BaraShield®-663 Lost Circulation Material

BaraShield®-663 lost circulation material (LCM) provides a multi-modal particulate additive to help prevent lost circulation by quickly sealing a wide range of fractures in porous formations such as sands, sandstone, or silt. It can also be used to prevent and seal small natural fractures in impermeable formations, such as shale and coal. BaraShield-663 LCM is proven to quickly plug fractures up to at least 500 microns in size.

Optimal Prevention Solution

BaraShield-663 LCM seals both pores and fractures and, by utilizing our “STRESS-SHIELD™ Engineering Method,” the optimal concentration can be determined to identify the proper amount needed for each application. This process helps control costs by preventing unnecessary overtreatment and can increase operational efficiency. Distributed in a single sack, BaraShield-663 LCM helps save rig space and reduces costs with lower inventory while simultaneously reducing waste with fewer pallets needed and fewer emptied sacks to discard.

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Summary BaraShield®-663 LCM Cuts Seepage Losses by 75 Percent in Unconventional Well Nov 2017
Summary LCM Treatment Help Reduce Losses by 47% in High-perm Formation May 2016
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