BaraLock®-666 Lost Circulation Material

BaraLock®-666 lost circulation material (LCM) is an “Engineered, Supplemental Solution” to support traditional LCM pills to limit severe or total fluid losses typically occurring in unconsolidated sand or gravel, large and/or multiple natural fractures, large induced fractures, and vugular formations.

Supplemental Solution for the Most Challenging Lost Circulation Scenarios

BaraLock-666 LCM is a unique supplemental solution that can be added to any LCM pill to enhance fracture plugging. The highly compressible and resilient foam material is available in three sizes (fine, medium and course) to meet your specific needs. BaraLock-666.F, BaraLock-666.M and BaraLock-666.C lost circulation materials are engineered to effectively integrate with any LCM pill and provide plugging characteristics that replace the need for specialty cross-linkable sealants or long synthetic fibers in your lost circulation decision tree. This versatility also helps reduce costs by limiting the amount of material required to stop the most challenging fluid loss scenarios.

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Summary Combo LCM Pill Stems Losses in Deeply Fractured Carbonate Formation Nov 2017
Summary BaraBlend®-665/BaraLock®-666 LCM Pills Help Stop Losses in Deep Fractured Carbonate, Save USD 600K Oct 2017
Summary BaraBlend®-665 and BaraLock®-666 LCM Pills Stop Severe Losses in Highly Fractured Formation Oct 2017
Summary BaraShield®-664 & BaraLock®-666 LCMs Help Cure Total Losses & Improve Cement Job in Known Thief Zone Jun 2017
Summary Colombia: BaraBlend®-665/BaraLock®-666 LCM Pill Restores Circulation, Supports Successful Cement Plug Dec 2016
Summary LCM Blend Stops Severe Losses in One Treatment Apr 2016
Summary Custom LCM blend stops total losses in fractured limestone Dec 2015
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