BaraBlend®-665 Lost Circulation Material

BaraBlend®-665 is an “Engineered, Composite Solution” to help reduce or stop partial to severe lost circulation encountered from small natural or induced fractures. The pre-defined particulate and foam composition in a single sack can effectively plug fractures, limiting partial to severe fluid loss rates.

Unique, Pre-defined Solution to Remediate Lost Circulation

BaraBlend-665 lost circulation material is an easy-to-deploy solution that effectively remediates partial to severe fluid losses in any formation, including unconsolidated sand or gravel formations, rubble zones and naturally fractured formations. Operators can increase wellbore integrity and reduce costs by lowering inventory with this pre-mixed formula.

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Summary BaraBlend®-665/BaraLock®-666 LCM Pills Help Stop Losses in Deep Fractured Carbonate, Save USD 600K Oct 2017
Summary BaraBlend®-665 and BaraLock®-666 LCM Pills Stop Severe Losses in Highly Fractured Formation Oct 2017
Summary Colombia: BaraBlend®-665/BaraLock®-666 LCM Pill Restores Circulation, Supports Successful Cement Plug Dec 2016
Summary LCM Blend Stops Severe Losses in One Treatment Apr 2016
Summary Custom LCM blend stops total losses in fractured limestone Dec 2015
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