DUO-SQUEEZE® H "Engineered, Composite" Lost Circulation Material

DUO-SQUEEZE® H lost circulation material is designed as a high fluid loss squeeze (HFLS), but can be applied conventionally in a pill formulated from the drilling fluid. When applied as a HFLS it is mixed in either a Xanthan polymer or Attapulgite base fluid and may be weighted to the drilling specification. It differs from other HFLS products due to the bimodal particle size distribution and the combination of materials that supply the larger size particles, with both resilient graphitic carbon and malleable components.

Since there are no reactive components, the DUO-SQUEEZE H lost circulation material can be kept mixed on location to be applied immediately upon losing circulation or observing well-bore breathing. For open natural fractures, or other high loss applications, it can be supplemented with Diamond Seal swelling polymer.

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Summary Static loss rate drops to zero after use of DUO-SQUEEZE® R LCM pills Dec 2015
Summary Static loss rate drops 87% after use of DUO-SQUEEZE® R LCM pills Dec 2015
Summary Customized Lost Circulation Treatments Help Resolve Severe Losses in Highly Fractured Geothermal Wells Sep 2010
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