Borehole, Shale Stabilizers

Drilling practices and the physical & chemical properties of drilling fluids can either enhance or erode borehole stability. Our borehole stabilizers serve as "preventive medicines" that help operators avoid the difficult and expensive tasks associated with remediating an unstable formation.

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Borehole, Shale Stabilizers

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Summary BaraSure™ W-674 and CLAY GRABBER® Shale Stabilizers Provide Reliable Inhibition in Two Reactive Intervals Mar 2018
Summary Custom Water-Based Fluid Achieves New Drilling Record in Iraq’s Rumaila Field Nov 2017
Summary BaraSure™ W-674 Shale Stabilizer Stops Clay Swelling and High Torque in Oil Sand Lateral Oct 2017
Summary BaraSure™ W-674 Shale Stabilizer Enables Operator to Save Eight Days of Drilling Time in Highly Reactive Clays Jul 2017
Summary High-Performance WBM with CLAYSEAL® PLUS Shale Stabilizer Eliminates Need for OBM for Monobores in Shale Play Aug 2016
Summary CLAYSEAL® PLUS Shale Stabilizer Helps Operator Save Helps Operator Save Four Days of Rig Time and Almost USD 200,000 Aug 2016
Summary CLAYSEAL® PLUS™ Shale Stabilizer Saves Operator US$150,000 Jul 2016
Summary Inhibitive Seawater-Based Fluid Saves US$130k on Offshore Well May 2016
Summary Shale inhibitors help wellbore remain stable Sep 2015
Summary US Wyoming: Baroid’s CLAYSEAL® Shale Stabilizer Provides Excellent Wellbore Stability on Problematic Well Dec 2013
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