Achieve maximum shale stabilization over wide temperature range
Baroid’s HYDRO-GUARD® water-based drilling fluid system provides maximum shale stabilization in highly reactive clays, with proven high performance in deepwater operations. Engineered for reliable inhibition and maximum drilling performance, this system can provide wellbore stability, high rates of penetration, and acceptable rheological properties over a wide range of temperatures. The system remains stable from 30°F through 300°F (-1°C through 148°C) up to 16.5 ppg, a first for a clay-free, low-solids, non-dispersed polymer drilling fluid system.

Developed in response to the need for a water based fluid that would approach the operational performance of invert emulsion fluids, the unique polymeric design of the HYDRO-GUARD system has shown to perform equal or similar to synthetic based fluids on several parameters, including clay inhibition, lubricity, and hole stability. 

Ideal for use in environmentally sensitive areas
HYDRO-GUARD water-based fluid offers several environmental and safety advantages over oil- and synthetic-based fluids, making it ideal for use in environmentally sensitive areas. With the benefit of allowing cuttings discharge based upon environmental restrictions the HYDRO-GUARD system delivers economic value in deepwater, shelf, and inland waters or on land. Since no oil is used in the formulation, the HYDRO-GUARD system eliminates the need for cuttings processing, monitoring equipment, and extra personnel, reducing overall drilling costs.


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Summary HYDRO-GUARD® System Enables Operator to Achieve Drilling Record in Horizontal Well Jan 2018
Summary Inhibitive HYDRO-GUARD® HPWBM Delivers Trouble-Free Gauge Hole, Zero Cuttings Handling Costs Nov 2017
Summary Inhibitive HYDRO-GUARD® WBM Helps Set New Field Record, Saving USD 3 Million Nov 2017
Summary Inhibitive HYDRO-GUARD® WBM and DFG™ Modeling Software Deliver Trouble-free Drilling, Saving US$ 360K Oct 2017
Summary Oman: HYDRO-GUARD® WBM Saves Six Days on Long 12-1/4-Inch Section with Reactive Clays, Potential Loss Zones Dec 2016
Summary HYDRO-GUARD® Water-Based Drilling Fluid System Stabilizes Problem Salt/Shale Formation Aug 2016
Summary HYDRO-GUARD® system and STEELSEAL® LCM help eliminate casing run Feb 2016
Summary HYDRO-GUARD® WBM eliminates zero-discharge concerns and related costs Dec 2015
Summary Saudi Arabia: Inhibitive HYDRO-GUARD® System and Engineered Lost Circulation Blend Save 5 Days in Complex Wellbore Dec 2014
Summary Egypt: Engineered HYDRO-GUARD® High-Performance Water-Based Fluid and TORQ-TRIM® II Lubricant Saved Operator $1.5M While Drilling 8½" Deviated Hole Mar 2014
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