Non-Aqueous Drilling Fluid Systems

Baroid has led the advancement of non-aqueous fluid technology, from introducing the very first non-aqueous fluid, to the development and introduction of the award-winning high-performance fragile gel systems that offer significant performance improvements.

Baroid applies a customized approach when developing fluids, allowing the flexibility to continually address the latest and most pressing drilling challenges, such as reaching deeper, hotter, more remote reservoirs, ECD management, and extended reach applications. This approach has led to the development of our latest specialty high-performance systems, including BaraECD® fluid for application in extreme narrow margin windows, and BaraPure® salt-free fluid for use in areas with strict environmental regulations.

BaraECD® High-Performance Non-Aqueous Fluid System
Halliburton’s BaraECD® High-Performance Non-Aqueous Fluid System has a rheological profile designed to provide low, controlled Equivalent Circulating Density in wells with extreme narrow pore pressure/fracture gradients, reducing the risk of drilling induced fractures.
BaraPure® Salt-Free, High-Performance Non-Aqueous Fluid System
BaraPure® Salt-Free, High-Performance Non-Aqueous Fluid System provides operators a salt-free, fragile gel fluid system to help improve drilling performance and reduce overall AFE in technically challenging wells and locations with strict environmental regulations
BaraXcel™ High-Performance Non-Aqueous Fluid System
Halliburton’s BaraXcel™ high-performance fragile gel non-aqueous fluid systems provide improved drilling performance in the majority of wells drilled with a non-aqueous fluid.
Non-Aqueous Fluid Descriptions and Applications

Non-Aqueous Fluid Descriptions and Applications

Learn more about Baroid’s customized non-aqueous based fluids.
Non-Aqueous Fluid Descriptions and Applications

Non-Aqueous Drilling Fluid Systems

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Summary Customized NAF, Optimized Solids Control, and STOPPIT® LCM Help Save over USD 1 Million in One Year Mar 2018
Summary BaraECD® System Delivers Low ECD and Stable Wellbore in Narrow-Window Shale Lateral Feb 2018
Summary BaraECD® NAF Delivers Consistent Wellbore Stability in Deepwater Well, Saving 24 Days of Rig Time Feb 2018
Summary BaraECD® Fluid Significantly Reduces Costs in Completion Operation Jan 2018
Summary BaraECD® NAF Enables Operator to Use One Fluid for All Drilling Intervals Jan 2018
Summary Organoclay-Free Fluids Enable Operator to Drill and Complete Slim-Profile Well in Record Time Nov 2017
Summary Optimized ENVIROMUL™ Fluid and WellSET® Treatments Help Save Costs on Horizontal Monobore Well Nov 2017
Summary Operator Overcomes Lost Circulation Problems Nov 2017
Summary Customized High-Performance NAF Delivers Stable HPHT Wellbore, Saving Significant Time and Cost Oct 2017
Summary ENCORE® NAF System Drills Deep Depleted Sand with Zero Losses in Deepwater GOM Oct 2017
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