Fluid Additives

Drilling fluid additives are specialty products that serve a specific need - and Halliburton Baroid is known for high-quality additives that deliver the consistent performance mandated by environmental regulations. Our commitment to research and development helps ensure that our products and processes reflect the latest advancements in fluid additive technology.

Drilling Fluid Additives

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Summary STOPPIT® LCM in High-Vis Pills Helps Prevent Losses in Vugular Formation, Saves $50K in Rig Time Jun 2017
Summary BAROLIFT® Sweeps Deliver Exceptional Swarf Lifting Capacity Jun 2017
Summary High-Performance WBM with CLAYSEAL® PLUS Shale Stabilizer Eliminates Need for OBM for Monobores in Shale Play Jun 2017
Summary CLAYSEAL® PLUS Shale Stabilizer Helps Operator Save 4 Days of Rig Time Jun 2017
Summary BaraShield®-664 & BaraLock®-666 LCMs Help Cure Total Losses & Improve Cement Job in Known Thief Zone Jun 2017
Summary Customized LCM Squeeze Pill Cures Losses in Depleted Sandstones and Eliminates Additional Trips Jun 2017
Summary Inhibitive Seawater-Based Fluid Saves US$130k on Offshore Well Jun 2017
Summary CLAYSEAL® PLUS™ Shale Stabilizer Saves Operator US$150,000 Jun 2017
Summary US Kansas: Customized Fluid System Engineered for Drilling Central Kansas’ Mississippi Lime cuts Intermediate Casing Costs, Saves $140,000 May 2017
Summary Gulf of Mexico: Divalent Brine Sweep with BRINEDRIL-VIS™ Viscosifier Proves Efficient and Cost-Effective in a Coiled Tubing Cleanout May 2017
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THERMA-FLOW 500™ Low Molecular Weight Dispersant
A low molecular weight, environmentally friendly dispersant
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