BaraShale™ Lite Fluid System

The BaraShale™ Lite Water-based Drilling Fluid is engineered to more efficiently drill in fields that contain salt formations with low fracture gradients.

Prevent & Remediate Lost Circulation

Lost Circulation is one of the industry’s leading causes of non-productive time. See how Baroid can prevent or quickly mitigate lost circulation with a variety of engineered solutions.
Baroid - Deepwater

Over 4 Million Feet Drilled in Deep Water and Counting

Find out how Baroid’s award-winning customizable technologies and services can help make reserves previously thought unattainable economically feasible.
Baroid - Deepwater

Fluid Services

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Summary Inhibitive HYDRO-GUARD® WBM and DFG™ Modeling Software Deliver Trouble-free Drilling, Saving US$ 360K Oct 2017
Summary ENCORE® NAF System Drills Deep Depleted Sand with Zero Losses in Deepwater GOM Oct 2017
Summary Customized Kill Mud Enables Operator to Abandon Well Ahead of Time, Saving USD 1 Million Oct 2017
Summary BaraSure™ W-674 Shale Stabilizer Stops Clay Swelling and High Torque in Oil Sand Lateral Oct 2017
Summary EZ-PLUG® LCM Pill Optimized with DFG™ Modeling Stops Loss in High-Perm Sands, Saving 72 Hours of Rig Time Oct 2017
Summary BaraShale™ Lite Fluid Enables Sustained Success of Unconventionals in Low-Cost Oil Environment Oct 2017
Summary High-Performance BaraECD® Fluid System Enables Operator to Drill Successfully on Slim-Hole HPHT Well in Bolivia Sep 2017
Summary Baroid Helps Operator in Norway Save US$679,000 on Offshore Well Sep 2017
Summary Engineered HYDRO-PLUG® Pill Dramatically Cuts Loss Rate in Fractured Limestone Sep 2017
Summary BaraBlend®-665 and BaraLock®-666 LCM Pills Stop Severe Losses in Highly Fractured Formation Sep 2017
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