Prevent & Remediate Lost Circulation

Lost Circulation is one of the industry’s leading causes of non-productive time. See how Baroid can prevent or quickly mitigate lost circulation with a variety of engineered solutions.
Baroid - Deepwater

Over 4 Million Feet Drilled in Deep Water and Counting

Find out how Baroid’s award-winning customizable technologies and services can help make reserves previously thought unattainable economically feasible.
Baroid - Deepwater
Baroid - Shale

No Two Shales are Alike

Find out how Baroid’s customizable water-based fluid system for shale can provide the stability typically seen from oil-based fluids while reducing your overall drilling costs.
Baroid - Shale

Fluid Services

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Summary LCM Treatment Help Reduce Losses by 47% in High-perm Formation May 2016
Summary Optimized Fluids Help Operator Save $2.96 Million Apr 2016
Summary LCM Blend Stops Severe Losses in One Treatment Apr 2016
Summary Perfect brine displacement despite restricted pipe movement Apr 2016
Summary Baroid Helps Operator in Norway Save US$679,000 on Offshore Well Mar 2016
Summary Customized ENCORE® SBM Cleans Out Heavy Steel Cuttings During Deepwater Milling Operation Mar 2016
Summary BARO-LUBE NS Lubricant Saves 7-10 Days of Rig Time Feb 2016
Summary Wellbore cleanout spacers cut filtration time saving operator $150,000 Feb 2016
Summary Dynamic pad mud solution provides wellbore stability and reduces costs Feb 2016
Summary BaraKlean-648 and CFS™-687 casing cleaners cut displacement time Feb 2016
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