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Drilling 101

Learn how our fluids & waste management systems work together to provide an optimal drilling environment.
Drilling 101
Baroid - Deepwater

Over 4 Million Feet Drilled in Deep Water and Counting

Find out how Baroid’s award-winning customizable technologies and services can help make reserves previously thought unattainable economically feasible.
Baroid - Deepwater
Baroid - Shale

No Two Shales are Alike

Find out how Baroid’s customizable water-based fluid system for shale can provide the stability typically seen from oil-based fluids while reducing your overall drilling costs.
Baroid - Shale

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Summary US: Low-Solids, Non-Dispersed System & STOPPIT Lost Circulation Material Improve Cement Isolation & Save WPX Energy Over $100K per Well Nov 2014
Summary Congo: Successful INNOVERT® Fluid Application in Congo Operations Nov 2014
Summary BARACOR® 700 Corrosion Inhibitor Helped Reduce Corrosion Rates in Deep Vertical Wells Nov 2014
Summary Gulf of Mexico: BARACARB® Bridging Agent Helped Operator Prevent Severe Losses and Stuck Pipe in Depleted Sands Nov 2014
Summary Russia: BARADRIL-N® Drill-In Fluid System Helped Increase Production on Multilateral Horizontal Wells Nov 2014
Summary Gulf of Thailand: Baroid Delivers Repeated High-Temperature Success in Thailand Oct 2014
Summary Malaysia: Customized Completion Fluids Design Helped Operator Reduce Skin Factor Sep 2014
Summary US Texas: FUSE-IT® Lost Circulation Material Provides Solution for Total Losses in Barnett Shale Play Sep 2014
Summary Egypt: Engineered HYDRO-PLUG® Lost Circulation Material Helped Operator Cure Severe Losses in Carbonate Formation Sep 2014
Summary Malaysia: Designed ENVIROMUL HT Invert Emulsion Fluid Provides Effective Solution for Controlling ECD on Well with Narrow Drilling Window Sep 2014
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