BaraShale™ Lite Fluid System

The BaraShale™ Lite Water-based Drilling Fluid is engineered to more efficiently drill in fields that contain salt formations with low fracture gradients.

Prevent & Remediate Lost Circulation

Lost Circulation is one of the industry’s leading causes of non-productive time. See how Baroid can prevent or quickly mitigate lost circulation with a variety of engineered solutions.
Baroid - Deepwater

Over 4 Million Feet Drilled in Deep Water and Counting

Find out how Baroid’s award-winning customizable technologies and services can help make reserves previously thought unattainable economically feasible.
Baroid - Deepwater

Fluid Services

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Summary CleanWell® Solutions Enable Operator to Avoid Losses in the Upper Lateral Section Jan 2018
Summary Corrosion Control Package Reduces Corrosion Rates in Vertical Wells Jan 2018
Summary BaraECD® NAF Enables Operator to Use One Fluid for All Drilling Intervals Jan 2018
Summary BaraECD® Fluid Significantly Reduces Costs in Completion Operation Jan 2018
Summary HYDRO-GUARD® System Enables Operator to Achieve Drilling Record in Horizontal Well Jan 2018
Summary BaraH2O™ Slop Treatment Unit Delivers Cost Reduction and Operational Efficiencies Jan 2018
Summary BaraCRI™ Cuttings Reinjection System Saves Operator USD 120,000 Per Month Jan 2018
Summary BaraPhase™ TCC Proves Key for Zero-Discharge Waste Management Jan 2018
Summary EZ-GLIDE™ Lubricant Prevents High Torque in Oil Sands, Saving Rig Time Dec 2017
Summary Baroid Slurry Handling System Provides Cost-Effective Waste Disposal Solution Dec 2017
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