Solids Control Equipment & Services

Solids Control Equipment and Services

Solids Control solutions engineered for drilling efficiency

We collaborate with you every step of the way to develop the ideal match of technologies and services to optimize your solids control system and maximize fluid performance. We look at all pieces of the system to identify your needs and make recommendations from our extensive portfolio of shale shakers, screens, centrifuges, and cuttings dryers. We strive to increase efficiency and maintain fluid consistency so you can keep your operation running smoothly.

Maximize solids removal and minimize cost

Effectively and efficiently removing solids helps to lower fluid dilution rates and decrease the volume of required additives. This helps reduce the cost of maintaining fluid properties, and can reduce or eliminate the volume of solid and liquid waste that must be transported for disposal. Our expertly trained personnel can design solutions that deliver maximum solids removal to help you minimize your operational expenses. 

Improve drilling performance

Maintaining fluid properties helps increase drilling efficiency and overall performance. Predictable fluid densities and rheologies are critical to keep wellbore integrity intact, and effective solids removal is a key component to ensure fluid consistency. Baroid has a range of technologies and services to help you clear solids from your circulating system, so your fluid performs to its maximum potential and your drilling operations run at safe and sustainable rates.

Solids Control Equipment and Services

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Summary BaraMesh® Shaker Screens Help Save Costs in Oman Nov 2017
Summary BaraPhase™ TCC and BaraStream™ HCB™ Tanks Eliminate Skip-and-Ship Issues Nov 2017
Summary Custom Baroid Solids Control Strategy Helps Operator Save $1+ Million per Extended Reach Well Oct 2017
Summary BaraMesh® Shaker Screens Outperform Competitor, Saving USD 10,000 Per Well Jul 2017
Summary Texas, USA: BaraMesh® Shaker Screens Reduce Screen Usage Up to 66% on Three 18,000-ft Wells Dec 2016
Summary Azerbaijan: LMP Shearing Unit Doubles Procces Rate, Delivers In-Spec OBM, Saving Over USD 400,000 Oct 2016
Summary BaraMesh® Shaker Screens Deliver Superior Performance Over Competitor's Screens Oct 2016
Summary BaraG-Force™ V133 Vertical Cuttings Dryers save operator over $940,000 Jan 2016
Summary BaraMesh® Shaker Screens Help Occidental Petroleum Save Time and Money Jan 2016
Summary Customized Fluid and Right-Size Shaker Screen Solution Saves Rig 17 Hours Oct 2015
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On-the-Fly (OTF) Mixer
The On-The-Fly (OTF) Mixer is a thorough, high-performance fluid blending, portable piece of equipment for your riserless drilling applications.
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