Drilling Fluids Solutions

Drilling Fluids Solutions

Custom drilling fluid solutions
No two resource plays or even wellbores are the same. There is of course learning to be gained from similar situations, but that does not mean you can adopt a one-size fits all approach. That’s why we chose to invest in the people, processes and technology to engineer and customize drilling fluid solutions for every specific well. 

More accurate planning and monitoring
Besides our fluids systems and chemistries, we’ve made significant investments in digital technology in order to gather and analyze data and respond more proactively. These technologies help us to not only alleviate problems as they arise but better yet, predict and avoid them all together. 

Risk mitigation and safety
The rigor and thoroughness of our mainstay processes, adaptation of digital technology, and focus on engineering fluid solutions customized to local conditions helps us to manage risk and improve safety at your well site. 

Increase your performance
Our industry-leading technologies, customized approach and rigorous process have been developed for any resource play, anywhere in the world.  Once the fluid solution has been customized, the process focuses on proactive monitoring and continual improvement to optimize drilling performance.

Drilling Fluids Solutions

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Summary BAROLIFT® Sweeping Agent and DFG™ Modeling Software Help Save 10 Days, $800K on Horizontal Well Jul 2017
Summary BaraECD® Fluid System and WellSET® Wellbore Strengthening Treatment Solve Deepwater Subsalt Drilling Challenges Jun 2017
Summary BaraECD® Invert Emulsion Fluid System Helps Customer Reach Reservoir in The Netherlands Jun 2017
Summary Baroid Helps Operator in Norway Save US$679,000 on Offshore Well Mar 2016
Summary Gulf of Mexico: BARACARB® Bridging Agent Helped Operator Prevent Severe Losses and Stuck Pipe in Depleted Sands Nov 2014
Summary Netherlands: Hollow-Glass Spheres allow Drilling Fluid Densities as Low as 0.8 SG Nov 2013
Summary Gulf of Mexico: Sag-Resistant, Low-Rheology Fluid Solution for Narrow-Margin Scab-Liner Run in a High Angle Aug 2013
Summary INTEGRADE® Oil-Based Fluid Helps Drill Reactive Shales and Abrasive Sandstones with Improved ROP Aug 2013
Summary US Colorado: Use of SHALEDRIL® Water-Based Drilling Fluid Successfully Mitigates Intermediate Casing Run, Saving Operator Approximately $250,000 Apr 2013
Summary Papua New Guinea: Alternative inhibiting salt in WBM helps raise environmental acceptability in rain forest locations Aug 2012
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