Electrical Submersible Pumps

Halliburton Electrical Submersible Pumps (ESPs) are engineered, manufactured and tested to give you long service life. Accessories are available to increase resistance to abrasion or corrosion, and extra high-torque shafts are available for all models. For the centrifugal ESPs, the number of stages determines the total amount of lift provided and motor horsepower required, so you can customize your pump to deliver the most effective performance at the least initial price and operating cost.

Halliburton offers optional instrumentation on all our electrical downhole pumps to remotely monitor and transmit well and pump performance data to the surface control box, and/or to a Web client, if desired, so equipment operation can be maintained at peak efficiency and well performance can be optimized. Instrumented pumps are proven to experience enhanced run life. Pump data are multiplexed onto the power cable so no special cabling or wiring is required. A ruggedized Modbus RTU unit connects directly to the surface control box to pick the data off the power cable at the surface and route it to a local surface read-out unit and/or directly to the web.

Electric Submersible Pumps

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Summary Summit ESP® Successfully Replaces Rod Lift System Jun 2018
Summary Summit ESP Doubles Run Life in Bakken Mar 2018
Summary REDLift™ XT System Enables Total Well Performance Dec 2016
Summary Operator's success With REDLift™ starts rod lift system replacement in the Permian Feb 2015
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Summit ESP, A Halliburton Service

Summit ESP, A Halliburton Service

Summit ESP engineers, manufactures, and services a complete product offering of electrical submersible and surface pumping systems. Summit partners with its customers to maximize production by bringing a level of trust and reliability unmatched in the industry.

Summit ESP, A Halliburton Service
REDLift™ XT ESP Production System

REDLift™ XT ESP Production System

The REDLift™ XT ESP Production System uses proven technology and complete system integration to deliver a reliable, durable, efficient, artificial lift system that provides flawless execution at the wellhead while helping you achieve the lowest total operating cost.

REDLift™ XT ESP Production System
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