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Improve Reservoir Recovery and Lower Cost per BOE with Halliburton Technologies

In today’s tough market, Halliburton technology is a key to making your unconventional assets more economical and productive. With our unrivalled combination of basin-specific knowledge, subsurface insight expertise, and innovative technologies, we can help you identify what's in your reservoir and target those reserves. The result is greater estimated ultimate recovery at lower cost per BOE.

Visit us at Booth 513 and find out how we can achieve these results together.

Presenting their papers, Halliburton experts will cover a wide range of topics. View our full list of conference papers below.

Technical Presentations
  • Technical Papers

    • Monday, July 24, 2017
      • Quantitative Real-Time DAS Analysis for Plug-and-Perf Completion Operation

        Yijie Shen; Eric Holley; Mikko Jaaskelainen

        Theme 10: Well Completion Integration, Optimization, and Refracturing I
        Time: 11:15-11:40,
        Room: 16AB
      • Fracture Likelihood Analysis Using Seismic and Triple Combo Log Data in the Stacked Carbonate Play of Madison County

        Courtney Beck; Anna Khadeeva; Bhaskar Sarmah; Andrew Whitsett; Trey Kimbell

        Theme 01: Seismic Attributes for Characterizing Rock Properties and Reservoirs -- How Geophysics Clarifies Geology II
        Time: 12:00-12:25
        Room: Exhibition Hall, Station C
      • Service Companies’ View of Supply and Demand: “I Know What You Think You Want, Here’s What I Think You Can Have"

        David Adams

        Time: 15:50-16:05
        Room: Ballroom F
    • Tuesday, July 25, 2017
      • A New Approach to Geosteering in New Underdeveloped Unconventional Plays

        Peter Kowalchuk; Shiblee Hashem

        Theme 01: Petrophysical and Geological Characterization of Unconventional Plays I
        Time: 15:25-15:50
        Room: Exhibition Hall, Station A
      • 3-D Reservoir Characterization and Integrated Completion Optimization for Understanding Horizontal Well Spacing and Frac Staging of the Niobrara Formation, DJ Basin

        Meagan Stephens; John-Bosco Tran; Jack Wiener; Muthukumarappan Ramurthy; Donald Kundert

        Theme 10: Well Completion and Stimulation Case Histories II
        Time: 14:10-14:35
        Room: Exhibition Hall, Station B
    • Wednesday, July 26, 2017
      • Lessons Learned From the Vaca Muerta: An Exploration Model to Aid Sweet-Spot Prediction in the Frontier Hanifa Unconventional Resource Play in the Middle Eas

        Alex D. Bromhead; Kate Evans

        Theme 12: Emerging Unconventional Plays II
        Time: 15:05-15:30
        Room: Ballroom E
      • Determining Bedding Slip Planes With Microseismic Processing

        Natalia Verkhovtseva

        Theme 01: Microseismic Fracture Mapping and Building Discrete Fracture Networks II
        Time: 14:40:15:05
        Room: Room 16AB

Come experience our most innovative technologies by visiting booth 513.  There you'll be able to view our technologies up close and learn from our experts how to help solve your most complex challenges in unconventionals.

CoreVault® System

CoreVault® System

Keeps rock samples in a sealed container, so 100% of the fluid in the core sample will be preserved for analysis.
CoreVault® System
MaxForce®-FRAC Charge

MaxForce®-FRAC Charge

Offers maximized hole size performance while maintaining entry hole consistency, regardless of the gun’s azimuth orientation and standoff.

MaxForce®-FRAC Charge
Radian™ Azimuthal Gamma Ray & Inclination Service

Radian™ Azimuthal Gamma Ray & Inclination Service

Provides real-time, high-quality borehole images of the reservoir’s structure and trajectory, enabling quicker geosteering decisions for better well placement.
Radian™ Azimuthal Gamma Ray & Inclination Service
Survey Management Services

Survey Management Services

Offers a complete suite of innovative solutions to help mitigate anti-collision concerns, reduce positional uncertainty, and ensure a safe well path to target.
Survey Management Services
Target Detection System (TDS) Service

Target Detection System (TDS) Service

Offers the clearest output for finding cable equipment installed on the outside of casing, so safe directional perforating can be performed.
Target Detection System (TDS) Service


24-26 July 2017
Booth 513

Austin Convention Center
500 E. Cesar Chavez St.
Austin, TX 78701

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