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We can help you unlock the economic potential of your mature fields through extended production and improved recovery.

Has production from your mature asset declined faster than you planned? Are you experiencing pressure depletion from your reservoir? In today's market, you need more efficient and economical ways to breathe new life into mature fields — and we’re developing them!

We invite you to visit our booth 811 where you'll get a chance to:

Please plan to attend Panel Session 6 on Tuesday, March 6, where Michael Bittar, Senior Director of Technology, will be speaking about "Academic/Vocational and Industry Collaboration: Are We Doing Enough?".

Whether you're experiencing unwanted fluid or sand production, formation or skin damage, or pressure depletion, we can provide you with engineered solutions to help you increase production and improve recovery to maximize the value of your mature asset.

Every step of the way, we can achieve results together.

We look forward to seeing you in Bahrain! For more information about mature fields, visit www.halliburton.com/maturefields.

Technical Papers

Presenting 29 papers, Halliburton experts will cover a wide range of topics. View our full list of conference papers below.

  • Technical Papers

    • Tuesday, March 7, 2017
      • Keynote Speaker

        Ron Dusterhoft, Halliburton

        Session 1: Intelligent Completion Technology
        Time: 08:30
        Room: 3
      • Fully Dissolvable Frac Plug Using Dissolvable Elastomeric Elements

        M.L. Fripp, Z. Walton, Halliburton

        Session 1: Intelligent Completion Technology
        Time: 08:50
        Room: 3
      • Scale Inhibition: A Challenge and a Mitigation Study in Fracturing with High-Brine Water

        L.K. Vo, J. Cortez, K. Hoeman, Halliburton; R. Rahal, Halliburton Saudi Arabia; M. Biyani, Halliburton

        Session 7: Fracturing Techniques
        Time: 13:00
        Room: 5
      • Best Practices for Cementing Fractured Carbonate Heavy Oil Reservoir - Case History from more than 30 Successful Wells from Issaran Field in Egypt

        D. Bhaisora, Halliburton Overseas Ltd.; S. Mohamed, A. Ali, Halliburton; W.H. Abd El Rahman, Scimitar Production Egypt Ltd; E.N. Abbass, A. Tag, Scimitar

        Session 6: Cementing and Wellbore Isolation
        Time: 14:00
        Room: 4
      • Critical Properties of Sand-based Composite Aggregates for Sustainable Performance in Fracturing Applications

        G.J. Hipparge, T. Al-Ghamdi, W. Razzaq, M.M. Alohaly, R. Rahal, A. Sabhapondit, M.K. Khalifa, Halliburton Saudi Arabia; P.D. Nguyen, W.T. Stephens, Halliburton

        Session 7: Fracturing Techniques
        Time: 14:00
        Room: 5
      • Controlling the Period of Underbalnced Perforating, delivers increased Productivity in North Kuwait Well

        Y. Al-Tahou, Kuwait Oil Company; A. Elsayed, A. Eldaoushy, KOC; A.K. Al-Jasmi, Kuwait Oil Company; S. El-Anany, Halliburton

        Session 9: Production Management
        Time: 15:40
        Room: 3
    • Wednesday, March 8, 2017
      • Field Friction Calibration Of Customized Acid Fracturing Fluids In Saudi Arabia To Best Correlate Real-Time Downhole Pressure

        J. Hansen, Saudi Aramco SAOO; M. Palanivel, V. Mikaelyan, R.A. Lugo, Halliburton Saudi Arabia

        Session 17:Production Enhancement
        Time: 09:30
        Room: 5
      • Invert Emulsion Drilling Fluids for Deepwater Applications

        M.I. Abd El Salam, S. Goswami, Halliburton

        Session 24: Drilling Fluids
        Time: 13:00
        Room: 2
      • Synergistic Effect of Thermally Stable Polymers for HP/HT Brine-Based Drill-In Fluids

        H. Zhou, K. Galindo, Halliburton; W. Zha, Formerly of Halliburton

        Session 27: HP/HT Wells
        Time: 13:20
        Room: 5
      • Successful System Integration Test of Real-Time Drill-Stem Test String for Deepwater using Fully Acoustic Telemetry Monitoring and Control of the Well across Electro-Hydraulic Subsea Disconnect Tool

        T. Vo, D. Cao, B.T. Choo, Halliburton

        Session 28: Well Testing
        Time: 13:20
        Room: 6
      • Reservoir Drill-In Fluid Minimizes Fluid Invasion and Mitigates Differential Stuck Pipe with Improved Production Test Results

        A.A. Al-Ansari, A. Abahussain, Saudi Aramco D&WO; A. Abdelhameed, Saudi Aramco; C.H. Parra, R.M. Pino, Saudi Aramco D&WO; M. Elbialy, C. LOPEZ, Halliburton

        Session 24: Drilling Fluids
        Time: 13:40
        Room: 2
      • Successful Development and Implementation of 9 5/8 Subsurface Safety Valve for High Pressure, High Rate Gas Wells

        A.M. Al-muslim, Saudi Aramco NAOO; A.S. Abdelhamid, Halliburton Saudi Arabia; K.S. Al-yateem, Saudi Aramco; T. Swan, Halliburton Energy Services Grp

        Session 27: HP/HT Wells
        Time: 14:00
        Room: 5
      • A Geomechanical Approach for Drilling Performance Optimization Across Shales in Safaniya Field—Arabian Gulf, Saudi Arabia

        Z.M. Alsahlawi, H.S. Foster, Saudi Aramco; M. Hussein, Halliburton

        Session 31: Borehole Stability
        Time: 15:00
        Room: 3
      • The First Implementation of Hydraulic Fracturing with Microseismic Fracture Propagation Monitoring in North East Thailand.

        R. Wattanasuwankorn, P. Kritsanamontri, Halliburton

        Session 34: Tight Reservoirs
        Time: 15:20
        Room: 6
      • Hole Cleaning and ECD Management for Drilling Ultralong-Reach Laterals

        F. Zhang, A. Filippov, Halliburton; S.Z. Miska, M. Yu, University of Tulsa

        Session 33: Sand Control
        Time: 16:00
        Room: 5
    • Thursday, March 9, 2017
      • Applications of Nanotechnology in Oilwell Cementing

        R.C. Patil, A. Deshpande, Halliburton

        Session 39: Energy New Technology and Innovation
        Time: 9:20
        Room: 5
      • Source-Less Well Placement and Formation Evaluation with Logging While Drilling Technologies

        S.A. Azim, Kuwait Oil Company; A. Abdulkarim, A.C. Aki, Halliburton

        Session 41: Reservoir Description
        Time: 12:00
        Room: 2
      • Low Injection Squeeze to Reduce Gas Oil Ratio & Gain Significant Crude Production using Epoxy Resin Technology

        A. Kumar, Halliburton

        Session 47: Well Integrity
        Time: 13:30
        Room: 3
      • A Modified Three-Point Contact Approach for Dogleg Severity Modeling

        H. Gharib, K. Kirkhope, Halliburton

        Session 49: Directional Drilling - Reliability and Performance
        Time: 13:30
        Room: 5
  • ePosters

    • 7-9 March, 2017
      • Innovative Downhole Real Time PVT Sampling Solution Complementing a Comprehensive Well Integrity Strategy In a HPHT Sour Gas Environment

        I. Syafii, A.E. Mukhliss, S.M. Driweesh, N.S. Shammari, Saudi Aramco; N. Sethi, J.C. Solano, B. Bhattacharyya, Halliburton

        Paper #: 183809
      • Coffee as a Cement Retarder

        R. Jadhav, T. Sen, Halliburton

        Paper #: 183693
      • Optimizing Stimulation Design Using Hydrajet-Fracturing Process with Coiled Tubing in Saudi Arabia Gas Well

        A.N. Alduaij, M.H. Al-Buali, Saudi Aramco SAOO; M. Bastisya, F.Z. Khan, Halliburton; B. Hardegger, Halliburton Saudi Arabia

        Paper #: 183690
      • Gravel Pack a 500 ft High Permeability Cased Hole Well - Case Study, Gulf of Suez, Egypt

        O.Y. El Maghraby, Halliburton Egypt

        Paper #: 183737
      • Fluidic Diode Autonomous ICD Multiphase Performance in Light Oil Reservoirs

        G. Corona, W. Yin, M.L. Fripp, Halliburton

        Paper #: 183863
      • Acid Soluble Lost Circulation Material for Use in Large, Naturally Fractured Formations and Reservoirs

        J. Walker, S. Savari, D.L. Whitfill, Halliburton

        Paper #: 183808
      • A New Approach for Permeability Distribution in Carbonates Using LWD High Resolution Image Analysis

        C. Chen, H. Ibrahim, T.M. Gomaa, S.R. Nair, Kuwait Oil Company; A. Abdulkarim, A.C. Aki, H. Rahimov, Halliburton

        Paper #: 183859
      • Near Real-time Return-On-Fracturing-Investment (ROFI) Optimization for Shale Fracturing by Integrating Anisotropic Acoustic Interpretation, 3D Fracture Modeling, and Neural Networks

        M. Gu, formerly Halliburton; J.A. Quirein, D. Chen, Halliburton

        Paper #: 183691
      • Application of 2D NMR for Formation Testing and Sampling in Heavy Oil Formations

        U. Idris, G. Hursan, Saudi Aramco; A.S. Eyuboglu, M. Eid, Halliburton

        Paper #: 183943
      • Field Proven Effectiveness of Near Wellbore and Far Field Diversion in Matrix Acidizing Treatment Using Self-degrading Particulates

        A.R. Malik, Saudi Aramco SAOO; P.H. Guizada, Saudi Aramco; M.A. Al-Asiri, Saudi Aramco SAOO; M.K. Khalifa, Halliburton Saudi Arabia

        Paper #: 183776
      • A New Method to Apply Natural Sand in High-Stress Reservoirs

        J.W. Pereira Suzart, A. Sabhapondit, G.J. Hipparge, M. Salem, Halliburton Saudi Arabia

        Paper #: 183714

Come experience our most innovative technologies by visiting booth 811. There you'll be able to view our technologies up close and learn from our experts how to help solve your most complex challenges.
Acoustic Conformance Xaminer<sup>®</sup> Service

Acoustic Conformance Xaminer® Service

Identifies and characterizes leaks and flow around the wellbore and behind pipe.
Acoustic Conformance Xaminer<sup>®</sup> Service

BARADRIL-N® Reservoir Drilling Fluid System

Provides effective fluid loss control and reliable wellbore and formation stability. Clay-free and acid soluble, the system helps achieve maximum production.
Cruzer™ Depth-of-Cut Rolling Element

Cruzer™ Depth-of-Cut Rolling Element

Maximizes drilling performance by maintaining a controlled and constant depth of cut in challenging environments.  The element’s unique roller design is diamond reinforced providing smooth control and consistent engagement with minimal friction and element wear.
Cruzer™ Depth-of-Cut Rolling Element
EquiFlow® Autonomous Inflow Control Device

EquiFlow® Autonomous Inflow Control Device

Utilizes innovative dynamic fluid technology to differentiate between fluids flowing through it in order to maximize oil production.
EquiFlow® Autonomous Inflow Control Device

RapidStage® Multistage Well Stimulation Treatment System

Optimizes the completion of multistage wellbores by enabling highly accurate placement of stimulation treatments without intervention.

SPECTRUMSM Real-Time Coiled Tubing Services

Combines intervention and diagnostic services to help operators monitor and optimize job performance in real time, resulting in greater efficiency, increased reliability, and higher return on investment.
UpLift® Mature Fields Service

UpLift® Mature Fields Service

A collaborative approach which identifies and delivers the right combination of solutions to help operators maximize well productivity and achieve the asset’s full economic potential.
UpLift® Mature Fields Service


6-9 March 2017
Booth 811

Bahrain International Exhibition & Convention Centre
158 Avenue 28, Sanabis 11644
Manama, Bahrain

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