Dispute Resolution Program (DRP)

To those who seek our services, we promise honesty, dignity and privacy

Ensuring Halliburton Remains a Great Place to Work

Some degree of conflict in the workplace is likely inevitable, particularly in companies as large as Halliburton. Something as simple as a difference of opinion can turn into a long and taxing dispute. Decades ago, Company leaders recognized that litigating internal conflicts was costly, disruptive and often resulted in the loss of valuable talent. It was an unfortunate result for the company and the employee.

To address workplace conflicts, Halliburton created the Dispute Resolution Program (DRP). Based on the need for mutual trust, the program is intended to safeguard the legal rights of employees, and guard against retaliation, with the flexibility to address the interests of each party. Additionally, the Company abides by the principles of the International Ombudsman Association: confidentiality, independence, informality, neutrality and impartiality.

The Halliburton Ombuds Office (HOO) and its staff is available to employees seeking resolution of a wide range of issues, from minor misunderstandings to violations of legally protected rights. The program provides employees and the Company with opportunities to resolve disagreements when they first arise, and fosters mutual understanding for everyone involved. Its goal is to facilitate communication, address conflict, promote workplace harmony, and ensure Halliburton remains a great place to work.

Mission of the Halliburton Ombuds Office (HOO)

The Halliburton Ombuds Office advocates collaborative processes to resolve disputes quickly and fairly, mend relationships, and foster workplace harmony.

Character and Professionalism of the HOO

The HOO honors the code of ethics and standards of practice of the International Ombudsman Association,which require that the ombuds follow the tenets of confidentiality, independence, informality, neutrality and impartiality.

Your communications with the HOO are deemed privileged and not considered “notice” to the Company. If, however, you wish to formally place the Company “on notice” and make Halliburton formally aware of a particular issue, the HOO can provide guidance. Whichever avenue you choose, an ombuds in the HOO can serve as a helpful sounding board, coach, facilitator or simply a guide to the appropriate resource.

The staff of the HOO is well versed in Halliburton’s policies and business practices, with access to resources at every level of the Company.

Principles of the HOO

  • Independence - operating on the basis of mutual trust, and reporting to a crossfunctional committee, not a single individual or department
  • Neutrality and Impartiality - taking no sides in a conflict or dispute in order to objectively facilitate resolution
  • Confidentiality - ensuring that your communications to an ombudsperson are private, and that your concerns will not be escalated without your consent
  • Informality - affirming your communications to an ombudsperson are off the record

Dispute resolution begins when you contact the Halliburton Ombuds Office.

TEL: 1-866-99RESOLVE (1-866-997-3765) or 281-575-4500

EMAIL: FHOUDRP@Halliburton.com

The ombuds will make every effort, in accordance with the International Ombudsman Association’s (IOA) Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice, to ensure privacy. However, please be advised that e-mail should NOT be relied upon as a source for confidential communication.

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