Supplier Commerce and Collaboration

Order Processing

Several options are available to transmit orders as well as supplier invoices between Halliburton and the supplier.  Orders will be placed with Halliburton approved suppliers using one of the below techniques and will be in accordance with Halliburton Standard Terms and Conditions or the terms of a Master Agreement, whichever is applicable.

  1. Purchase Order – Formal order containing itemized description of products or services; price as agreed upon either through quote, bid or master agreement; and other operational or commercial requirements for the purchase.
  2. e-Catalogs – An electronic catalog that contains a list of contractually agreed upon products and services and can be created and maintained by suppliers or by Halliburton with suppliers' input, depending on the type of catalog that is established.  These offer benefits to both suppliers and Halliburton, such as faster / more streamlined order processing, increased business share, better managed product lists and pricing, and increased visibility of transactional details.
  3. Financial Invoicing – An approved method of payment for specific types of suppliers/purchases.
  4. Procurement Card (P-Card) – Payment for purchase on a credit card.

Purchase Order is the most common method of purchase.  Options 3 and 4 above are approved methods of payment for limited types of transactions.  Inquiries as to whether these types of processing will be suitable for the business Halliburton conducts with a supplier can be discussed with the Halliburton Buyer/Procurement Specialist with whom daily business is conducted.

E-Commerce Platforms

Halliburton supports the following electronic commerce options. Please refer to each page for further detail as well as the contact person associated with the options listed below. Please refer to our "Supplier Guide" for additional detail on Halliburton’s e-commerce solutions.


iPortal: Halliburton Global Supplier Informational Portal

The iPortal provides 24/7 visibility of invoice and payment status, electronic invoicing capabilities, comprehensive supplier self-services, and the ability to accept early payment offers – all free of charge!

HSN: Halliburton Supplier Net

HSN is a web-based application which enables collaboration between Halliburton and suppliers on purchase orders, invoices and engineering processes commonly used in a manufacturing environment.
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EDI: Electronic Data Interchange

EDI is a way to exchange business documents electronically with Halliburton using established standards for file formats and transmission methods. Partners looking to optimize business processes and avoid manual data entry can benefit by using EDI.
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Supplier Guide

Supplier Guide

The Halliburton Supplier Guide is intended for suppliers interested in more information and/or how to best utilize the different e-commerce solutions that Halliburton offers.
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