General Policy Regarding Laws & Business Conduct

The Code of Business Conduct of Halliburton Company (the "Company") consists of the policies relating to the ethical and legal standards of conduct to be followed by Directors, employees and agents of the Company in the conduct of its business. The Code of Business Conduct applies to all Company Directors, employees and agents and all Company activities throughout the world, except where specifically indicated.

It is the policy of the Company to comply with applicable law. Some Company policies are based on the requirements of applicable law and others are just good ethics and business sense. The Company is organized under United States law and its securities are publicly traded. This means that the Company is primarily governed by United States law, and that United States law applies to some of the Company's business outside the United States.

The Company does business in many countries around the world and, as a good business citizen, we must observe the applicable laws of the countries in which the Company does business. Sometimes there is a conflict between the United States law and the law of one of the other countries in which the Company operates. In these situations the Company will resolve the conflict with the advice and counsel of the Law Department.

It is the personal responsibility of each Company Director, employee and agent to observe the standards of conduct and other requirements of the Code of Business Conduct whether or not these standards and requirements are also imposed by law. Any Director, employee or agent who does not comply with these standards and requirements is acting outside the scope of his or her employment responsibilities or agency.

The underlying formal policies themselves have more detail than is contained in this booklet. It is the responsibility of each Director, employee or agent to familiarize himself or herself with the details of the policies of the Company that apply to his or her assigned duties. If a Director, employee wishes to refer to the complete policies summarized in this booklet, they are available in electronic and written form. If an employee or agent has any questions about the policies summarized in this booklet, he or she should contact the Law Department.

Read the Corporate Policy: 3-02120

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